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In depth analysis about article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

In depth depth psychology about article - Essay ExampleBut at the same time, authors clear on internationalization is also pertinent because it helps the nations to put forward their autonomy vis-a-vis their fiscal policies and economic upbeat and equitable distribution of wealth for the wider welfare of their people. The article emphasizes that globalization promotes economic integration crosswise the worldly concern through free trade and liberalization. It has resulted in diminishing national boundaries and brought in influx of foreign trade, twain in term of goods and human capital. Daly believes that it undermines the national interests of the individual nations. But it nevertheless greatly facilitates the development dish in the create and under developed countries which need to be exposed to the opportunities for improving their standard of living. The developing world has indeed gained through globalization Daly also asserts that internationalization would be more rele vant because it helps to maintain national identity but promotes international relation through trade, treaties, alliances and protocols etc. The author has unconsciously back up the process of globalization in his emphasis for internationalization When trade and business alliances are encouraged across nations, inter-dependency of economic units become vital ingredients of the developing relationship.

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Engineering Strategy report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 words

plan Strategy report - Essay ExampleHowever, Ayling (1995) also wrote about additional parameters that determine success in a rivalrous market and mentioned the market segment or the structure of the market where the competition is pickings place. In this instance, two major markets are identified, which are local and world(a) markets. Indeed, for most of the time before, eyeshade Engineering saw itself moreover meshed in local competition, where it was rated as the markets second, only next to Coopers in the manufacturing of marine crane builder. Out of nowhere however, Apex Engineering now finds itself engaged in the global competitive market with several international competitors entering the market. Interestingly, in a finished competition market such as the one that Apex is currently finding itself in, rather than a monopoly market, the competitiveness of the market does not make it possible for competitors to dance to the tunes that favour their opponents.In perfect compe tition, it is the business enterprise of opponents to read and know what creates competitive advantage for competitors and try to strategise their business operations to meet such competitive advantage (Adamson, Doherty and Viney, 1998). Currently, Apex Engineering has identified the problem it is faced with in its new competitive global market, and that is an inability to catch up with competitors on the lines of cost and innovation. Competitors have used cost and innovation as two key strategies to gain competitive advantage against Apex Engineering. Meanwhile, because perfect competition markets are make up of many firms and sellers with abundant substitute products for consumers to select from, it takes only firms that have competitive advantage to tender market share as consumers always tend to prefer these organizations to that of their opponents. Until now, Apex Engineering has lost a lot of market share but is not totally out of business. This means that there trunk much more optimisation and management

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Developing High Quality Human Resource Dissertation

Developing High Quality Human Resource - Dissertation ExampleResearch plan and rationale This vignette will consist of two phases. The first phase will deal with the battlefield of literature while the second one will tackle qualitative and duodecimal analysis. The literature study will entail analysis of current trends in a HR revolution in Vietnam and the cosmea at large. In addition, the literature will be studied with the aim of examining and establishing an ideal evaluation technique for evaluation of HR function involved in PT projects. The basic aim of this study is to target and implement a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the quality of HR function in commonwealth owned EPC companies in Vietnam. The quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will be used to expediently oppose contrasting research strategies, which will essentially depend on the nature of the research question or the problem being examined. As Gay (1996) explicates, quantitative an d qualitative techniques presents corresponding aspects of the scientific study method, whereby the quantitative approaches are concerned with testing of hypothesis (primary deduction) while qualitative approaches are concerned with generating of hypothesis (primary induction). The complemental use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies has gained popularity as they are used in formulating wide innovations in acquirement and social research. This provides a better array of perspectives and insights and allows substantiation of the results by different methods of triangulation, which boosts the general validity of findings and improves the public-service corporation of the study. Nevertheless, the investigation of accurately complementary techniques presents significant challenges too. These take account of additional human and financial-based additional costs, the motif for paying attention for different epistemological positions and methodologies as well as teamwork. Pop ulation and sample The population has been specify by Hussey and Hussey (1997) as any precisely defined set of people or collection of items which is below study (p. 55). On the other hand, a sample is a subset of the population under consideration and it entails near specific members chosen from that population (Sekaran, 2000). Study sample The investigator will use purposive taste for the qualitative study and simple random sampling for the quantitative part. Simple sampling will be selected for the quantitative part because no complexity is involved in the selection process. A purposeful sampling (also called judgmental sampling) is based on the fact the researcher is capable of selecting the participants who are effectively suited to converge the purpose of the study. This method of sampling will ensure that an extensive and thorough assessment is conducted and hence the researcher will be able to obtain a better understanding of the issues of quality in respect to the HR function in construction projects. In the selection of purposive sampling, it is conceived that sampling for proportionality is non of the essence furthermore, purposive sampling is ideal for reaching the targeted sample in a quick musical mode (Neuman, 2003). The importance of choosing the right candidates for the study has been affirmed by Creswell (2007), who

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Lewis and Clark Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Lewis and Clark - Essay Example(Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, 2001) The picnic marked a key event in the course of the nations history. This is acknow takeged during the bicentennial celebrations of the event that transpired in 2005. On the occasion of the event, a g everywherenment commissivirtuosod Bicentennial Council was set up to educate the public as well as to promote research on the event. The Federal Interagency Lewis and Clark working group is an opposite testimony to its importance. This essay go out argue that Lewis & Clark Expedition played a key role in shaping the subsequent history, finis and geopolitics of the nation. In the early days of the American republic, literature pertaining to natural history was an esteemed medium of information. It feature scientific and spiritualist approaches to the study of American geography. The copious descriptions and classifications contained therein served as essential tools to contain the enormousness and incomprehensibility of American nature, a subject Americans knew little about. (Lewis, 2004) The early accounts of the discoveries in western expanses were crucial for forging in people a sense of rootedness to their land. It encouraged early republic Americans to celebrate the complexity of the natural world, and by extension God, through an intimate understanding of its products. This scientific-spiritualist approach crossed boundaries of class and education, jumped denominational lines, and assuaged guilty consciences over the racial genocide that accompanied expansion across the continent. (Lewis, 2004) Hence, it is clear that Lewis & Clark has a profound socio-cultural relevance. One of the other achievements of the expedition was its completion of an overland journey through and across river systems in Missouri. By virtue of this feat, colossal unchartered tracts of the West were opened up. The pioneers extended their interest well and beyond cartography. For example, they collected samples and specimens of plants and animals some of which theyve never encountered before. They actively studied the culture and social structure of native Indian tribes that they happened to pass by. The comprehensiveness of the expedition is highlighted by the fact that basic civil administration tasks were also performed. These include conducting diplomatic councils, forming trading relationships with tribes and put down weather data. It is not unfair to claim that the team led by Lewis and Clark went beyond the obligations of their contract. This is attested by the fact that the team created Camp River Dubois on the Wood River at the confluence of the two great rivers, multiple sclerosis and Missouri, north of St. Louis. The captains then recruited young woodsmen and enlisted soldiers who volunteered from nearby army outposts. Over the winter, they prepared the men, whom they called the Corps of Discovery, for the frontier. (Conry, 2004) The team led by Lewis and Clark spent twenty eight months exploring, studying and recording the magnificent American landscape beyond erstwhile frontiers. It is a landmark event in American history because it captures the essence of challenges to westward expansion. For example, one area of challenge is on account of international diplomacy, where American

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A Consultant's Report - Written on a fictitious Bank Essay

A Consultants Report - Written on a fictitious Bank - Essay fountIt was found that only one project for development was being investigated by the XYZ Bank. The other two study projects requiring investigation were pending for the routine board decision to be taken. There is an investigation mechanism which postulate to be followed by the XYZ Bank. As per the mechanism process, the bank is supposed to investigate whether the development project funded by it is harming the interests of the local communities where the project is going to take place. The XYZ Bank has made a declaration of the same end that it will disclose all relevant information to bring transparency in its operations for answerableness purpose. P&P Consulting found that there was lack of transparency in the functioning of the XYZ Bank no timelines were fixed to finish investigations. Stakeholders were worried over the slow process of investigation. P&P Consulting saw an prospect in the said case knowing the cruc ial role that the bank was supposed to play in the lives of people who had to vacate the adjoining lands, and requested compensation. P&P Consulting found flaws in the systems of working trading immediate attention of the concerned stakeholders the Banks President and Board of Directors. Steps taken includeP&P Consulting found that three claims were pending decision by the XYZ Bank. Claim for golf game join project had been pending for the last seven years, awaiting decision. Rests of the two cases are fresh claims filed with the bank. These cases will test the contemporary operational mechanism of the bank and we are not optimistic that the bank will pass the test.The Golf Links claim describes both the transparency and the timing issues. The affected people contacted the bank requesting an inquiry on August 11th, 2002. Yet, the inquiry was not ordered until July 2004, about two years late when the request for it was filed with the bank.The posit was crossed by not responding back to the claimants about what

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Social Responsibility of a Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Social Responsibility of a Business - Essay ExampleQuite often, crease community can be found expressing their concerns upon the social responsibilities of business. In the modern historic period, people have become extremely conscious about the issues of health and safety, and sustainability. Having sufficiently achieved the necessities of life, people, organizations, and agencies all are now heading towards achieving psychological contentment. That is why, issues bid sustainable development have become a major concern in the contemporary age unlike past, when bringing the industrial revolution was more important that keeping environment healthy with a compromise upon development of technology. As businesses are the key drivers of economy and the practices suck uped by business entrepreneurs rook a decisive role in the maintenance of health and safety of the environment, a lot of turn has conventionally occurred regarding the relationship between business and society. This g ave rise to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR had evolved as a concept to define the link between business and society (Klonoski, 1991 cited in Shah and Chen, 2010, p. 118). One of the booster cable scholars who have conventionally participated heavily in the debate of relationship between business and society is Carroll (1979) who outlined the corporate social responsibility in these words, The social responsibility of business encompasses the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point of time (Carroll, 1979, p. 500). There are six basic responsibilities of the CSR as indicated in the figure below Responsibilities of CSR (Rotariu and Ilies, 2011, p. 13). Another useful and well constructed definition of CSR is that it is a prominent feature of the business and society literature, addressing topics of business ethics, corporate social performance, global corporate citizenship, and stakeholder m anagement (DAmato, Henderson, and Florence, 2009, p. 2). In addition to CSR, other term that has been coined some time ago and that also explains the public concerns with business is public relations (PR). A comprehensive definition of public relations is PR practice is the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counselor organizational leaders, and implementing planned programs of action which will serve both organization and public interest (Wilcox et al. 2003 cited in Sinh, 2007). According to Grunig (2006 cited in Jones and Bartlett, 2009, p, 1), the biggest difficulty practitioners of public relations encounter is the enrollment of public relations in the business practices as an acknowledged management function. The social dimension of a business Business in society exists because of Social Will. Society permits business to extract the resources that nature has given it since time immemorial, to market products and to allow necessary serv ices to its members with the least side-effects on existing morality, social relationships, and the environment. (Alweiss, 2009). Social conscience of the business requires the entrepreneurs to picture the public with job opportunities, eradicate discrimination from the workplace on the basis of race, gender, religion and culture etc, and adopt such business practices that make it green, environment friendly and sustainable.

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Analysis of Starbucks Caf Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis of Starbucks Caf - Assignment ExampleThe CEO and chairman of Starbucks Cafe is Howard Schultz. The mission of the caller is to inspire and nurture human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time (Starbucks, 2012). The companionship is a publicly traded company whose stocks are sold in the open marketplace under the symbol SBUX. The common stocks of Starbucks Cafe were trading at a price of $55.79 as of January 31, 2013 (Yahoo, 2013). The tightens revenues have grown by 24.24% during the last two years. The future development of the company bequeath be achieved by its continued expansion into foreign markets. The company has a market presence in 31% of the countries worldwide. The core competency of the company is in the sales of gourmet retail java. Starbucks Cafe in 2012 entered into a partnership with Green Mountain. Following the announcement of the deal the common stocks of Green Mountain increase in value by 6% (Andrejczak, 2012). The company ha s mastered the management of its supply chain. It sources coffee victimisation fair trade coffee practices. The store has 192,866 employees and 39.66% of its workforce works outside the United States (Cnn, 2012). The employees of the company are very satisfied with their jobs. There is a low employee turnover rate at the company. The planning at Starbucks Cafe is performed by the executive management team led by his CEO Howard Schultz. The incorruptible as well has a board of directors that oversees the operation. The company faces structural problems such as dealing with the human resource challenges of having a large labor force, negotiation with suppliers and farmers, and fierce competition. The decisions the company makes are mostly programmed, but the securelys at times makes nonprogrammed decisions to adapt to market changes. The firm faces certain uncertainly in the price of getting coffee since coffee is a commodity whose price fluctuates. The firm since its inception h as make a advantageously job at planning for the future. During the 1990s Starbucks was one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. The company is organized as a publicly traded company whose stocks are sold in the New York bank line Exchange. The decision making of the company is organized in a modify system. The corporate headquarters of the firm are located in 2401 Utah Avenue, South Seattle WA 98134. The reason that the company uses a centralized system is because the company must maintain consistency across its company owned and franchisee locations. A drawback of centralized systems is that it inhibits creativity. The organizational culture of the company is excellent. The firm believes in the value of diversity. The employees are referred too as baristas. The firm passs tremendous customer service to its clients. Starbucks Cafe has an excellent managerial team. The success of the company is evidenced by the outstanding financial performance of the firm. The managers of the company have done a great job of train its employees. The baristas of the firm are extremely productive workers. There is good teamwork among the workers of the firm. The managerial staff has also done a great job of integrating technology into its facilities. Starbucks Cafe was one of the first food places to offer free Wi-Fi internet to its customers. Howard Schultz is a charismatic leader. Charismatic leaders are able to have a profound effect on its followers. There are different performance indicators that the company must admonisher closely. An important performance indicator is market share. Starbucks has a 33% market share in the U.S coffee marketplace. An important metric to measure the profitability of the company is net margin. The net margin of the company in 2011 was 10.65%. A third performance

Language learning experiences of year 10 & 11 Dissertation

Language learnedness experiences of year 10 & 11 - Dissertation ExampleThe research methodology explained various elements of the methodology and based on the excerption of anti-positivism philosophy and inductive research approach primary data were collected in the form of interviews existence conducted on 20 students and one teacher of Manningtree High School, Colchester Road, Essex and observational study on 20 students of Colchester academy School, Hawthorn Avenue, Essex. Findings suggested that majority of students understand the importance and signifi elicitce of foreign languages but lack motivation. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the government and schools need to work in tandem in order to motivate students along with highlighting the benefits and advantages of foreign language learn within the secondary school setup. ... Sampling 24 3.7 discourse Questions 24 3.8 empirical Study 25 3.9 Ethical Considerations 25 3.10 Summary 25 Chapter 4.0 Findings and A nalysis 26 4.1 Introduction 26 4.2 oppugn Analysis 26 4.3 Interview Analysis of Teacher 39 4.4 Observational Study 40 4.4 Summary 41 Chapter 5 shutdown and Recommendations 42 5.1 Introduction 42 5.2 Conclusion 42 5.3 Recommendations for Foreign Language Learning 44 5.4 Recommendations for Future Research 44 5.5 Summary 45 REFERENCES 46 APPENDIX 50 A. Interview Letter 50 B. Consent Form 51 C. Interview Transcript for Students 52 D. Interview Transcript for the Teacher 61 CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Language can be described as a systematic mean of communication and holds large importance at every level of personal and professional development. Every country has its native language that is spoken by the people living in it without any difficulty considering the fact that the culture and people around attend to in learning the native language from an early age. However, learning a foreign language is eer a stringent task considering the difference in alphabets and phon etics. However, learning a foreign language is of all time an additional advantage as it offers understanding over a new culture and language. Language learning is a process that helps learners to learn about new things and cultures. Moreover, learning a foreign language offers great confidence and awareness that can be further used in future endeavors. The chapter offers an overview of the research outlet that aims to explore the language learning experience of year ten and eleven. It can be said that learning does not

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Bond Financing in Gulf Cooperation Council Essay

Bond Financing in Gulf Cooperation Council - Essay ExampleBonds are generally referred to validity periods over 10 years and beneath this period it is referred to as communication channels. This distinction has disappeared except in the US market. Gulf Co operation Council (GCC) countries traditionally lead been dependant on bank loan debt financing for their financial needs. In the past ecstasy globalization has necessitated the widening of horizon and bond financing is increasingly growing in these markets.Emirates group has been advanced in its financing option. Considering the changes in the world economy and responding to the new opportunities Emirates has been the first company to issue bonds in UAE. Their first bonds were issued in July, 2001 for Dhs 750 million, which was over subscribed by 2.5 times (Annual report, 2001-2002). This also has the source of the first fewer bonds to be launched in local currency and listed in Dubai financial market. It has proved to be a stepping rock-and-roll in restructuring the Dubai financial markets.One of the problems in GCC countries to access new financial instruments has been absence of credible credit ratings. UAE central bank had taken an initiative to award sensible credit ratings to outperforming UAE companies. Emirates received a slide fastener risk weightage and hence increased credibility and reduced under writing be during the bond issue. The costs and benefits of Emirates bond issue should be understood in the context of their long term strategic goal.At the time when Emirates issued bonds, they had surplus cash flow and were not in a crunch to raise money. They have taken considerable risk to launch bonds with attractive whirl to customers. As per a General conductor in the Emirates Bank Group EK has priced its bonds at 70 basis points over Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) which is generous compared to the equipment casualty at which EK has been raising money in the past from the financ ial institutions. EK has sweetened the deal by offering attractive interest rates and incurred legal costs and fees and this connotes that this is more of a strategic decision and foretell well in that it has an ambitious expansion plan for extending its service to several long haul routes and aircrafts to micturate out to the Americas and Australasia (Kumar, 2001).As per the companys financial reports, 2001-2002, net proceeds from issue of bonds were equal to AED (000) 1,495,188. As per Note 15 of their annual report borrowings bonds were netted as in Table 2. As per the table below and the note by Emirates Banking group GM, Emirates has incurred heavy expenses on issuing bonds. These expenses have over weighted the competitive advantage benefits gained by raising finance by issuing bonds.15. Borrowings and lease commitments - non-current2002AED0002001AED000Lease commitments (Note 17)3,570,9943,179,142Bonds (see (a) and (b) below)1,495,188-Term loans (Note 16)40,37830,128Dnata a ccount (Note 18)69,87370,4715,176,4333,279,741(a) Bonds at face value1,500,000-Less Unamortised transactions costs(4,812)-1,495,188- Emirates have used the funds raised by Bonds to fund their ambitions of

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United States of America Vs Sony BMG Research Paper

United States of America Vs Sony BMG - Research Paper ExampleThe relinquish This case is about the violation of the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by Sony BMG Music frolic in 2008. Sony Corporation of America is a fellowship whose Sony BMG subsidiary represents musical entertainers who are popular eve with underage children. COPPA aims at protecting the childrens solitude against misuse of their private instruction by the online lodge. The act as was passed on 21st April, 2000 and provides court-ordered guidelines for companies or organizations which provide Internet services through websites. This act covers the privacy of children who fall below the age of thirteen years.1 The legal provision of the act to the online service providers is that consent must(prenominal) be obtained from the parents of children under the age of thirteen before collecting personal instruction about the children. Moreover, the parents develop to be informed when an online se rvice provider needs to use or reveal personal data of the children. 2 In 2008, Sony BMG Music Entertainment violated the provision of COPPA by collecting, using and disclosing information of children below thirteen without the permission of their parents. This led to the legal suit against the company by the USA on behalf of the national Trade instruction. ... The information collected from the underage children by the company affected more than 30 000 of the youthfulness people within its 196 websites. The ethical and legal issue in this case is that the company collected the information with full knowledge that it was obtained from underage children. This demonstrates that the company knowingly violated the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act. The legal issue was worsened by the failure of the company to reveal that it intended to keep the information. Additionally, the company did non disclose how the collected information was to be used. Applicable Law The law that was violated by the company is the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The national Trade Commissions implementing rule was withal violated by Sony BMG which made the commission to be the Civil Penalty Complainant. The Federal Trade Commission on 5th April, 2010 requested for opinions of the common on the use of private information by the online community in relation to the changes and advancement in technology. This was through the Commissions publication in the Federal Register.3 The public opinion on the matter was received from members of the public, technologists, advocacy groups, representatives of various industries and academicians. The information obtained from the public was useable in clarifying and defining various terms within the COPPA, such as Child, Website and Private Information. The considerations of the opinions of the public led to the definition of a child as an individual below the age of thirteen. These considerations were based on expert opinio n on the ability of a child to make right judgments on the information provided to the online service providers. The assessment of a childs level of

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Diversity in University Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Diversity in University - Essay ExampleDecisively, diversity in the university enriches the educational experience of both the students and university staff as they depart to learn about and from experiences, beliefs, and perspectives that are different from their own strangely, the diverse lessons can only be taught top hat in the richly diverse environments. In any situation, interacting with someone in their native wording increases ones fellowship for instance, a student may learn a native language such as Chinese and later on find out it is a requirement for a job in their field. at one time a student has acquired the language experience from a diverse university it prepares and makes it easy for them to work in a global society since no matter what profession or career path a someone follows they will always find themselves working with all round people from diverse backgrounds. Generally, on the language aspect, diversity acts as a foundation for students careers as one must be profound to human differences and adopt the aptitude to relate to people from dissimilar workforce in entrap to be successful in the workplace.Certainly, religion diversity in the university also enhances people development socially since interaction with different religious people widens any persons ghostly circle by expanding the fuckledge about diverse religions for instance, if employed in a diverse workplace, one will know not to cross borders concerning portraits and pictures significant to a certain religion. When there is eldritch growth due to diversity, own(prenominal) growth comes naturally, since everyone including both professors and students feels the urge to learn more about a religion culture and beliefs additionally, the spiritual growth and religion aspect enhances communication between everyone in the university despite the diversity. Additionally, the social development, personal and spiritual growth facets all come as benefits of diversity and have a great and positive preserve to the students and

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UNit 8 Written Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

UNit 8 Written Assignment - Essay ExampleThe knobs rights include to be diligently served in the management of his business to be informed of its progress, and that his counsel shall not disclose what has been professionally confided to him. (Garner, 2007)The consideration witness is defined as one who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or experienced. (Garner, 2007) An example is a witness to the accident. For legal purposes, a witness is One who is called on to picture before a court One who is called on to be present at a performance in order to attest to what takes place One who signs ones name to a document for the purpose of attesting to its legitimacy and an attestation to a fact, statement, or event. (Garner, 2007)The initial interview is, of course, the one unit of service that is constant crosswise all forms of legal service delivery. It is also one of the most critical units of service. The initial interview (1) shapes client perception of the lawy er (2) defines the service to be provided in terms of both problem and goal and (3) is an central opportunity for client education, e.g. confidentiality, substantive legal rights, what the client can do for himself or herself, and the need to deal evidence. (Alfieri 1991) In many cases the initial interview may in fact be the most evidentiary communication before outcome determinative events such as hearing or settlement. The duty of confidentiality exists to glorify client trust and prompt candor. To achieve these purposes, clients should be informed about confidentiality at the very fountain of the relationship. The most important the time to bring up attorney-client confidentiality is when you start asking questions, and offer the following try on statementThe witness is not interviewed in the same way as the client. The witness does not work confidentiality protections, thus they are

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The Reasons Why Abortion should not be Legalized Essay

The Reasons Why Abortion should non be Legalized - Essay ExampleIn several(prenominal) countries, abortion is illegal while it is recognized in certain countries. It is a fact that abortions have been carried out whether legally or illegally. However, this is a controversial publication since it is regarded as a serious moral issue which is often viewed as wrong. As much(prenominal), this argumentative wall story seeks to critique an op-ed paper by Antoni which is entitled, Abortion should be legal. Antoni takes a pro-abortion stance and argues that the superior should be go away to the women to decide to have an abortion or not. Against this background, this paper is going to argue against abortion as suggested by Antoni since I strongly believe that abortion should be illegal. However, Antoni also suggests that abortion should be illegal. The paper exit start by summarising the points made in this op-ed paper. The second part seeks to critique why abortion should not be leg alized. A synthesis of the whole discussion will be carried at the end of the paper in order to articulate the position taken by this writer in view of abortion. accord to the op-ed article entitled Abortion should be legal, there are different reasons why women should be pr unmatched the opportunity to terminate unwanted pregnancies. This view is also supported by Warton (6) who suggests that abortion should be seen as the last resort for women to gain control of their lives after horrific situations leading to their pregnancies they would have encountered. In some cases, pregnancy is a result of incest or rape and it is advocated that a woman should have a choice of terminating the pregnancy in such a situation. This is seen as a viable alternative of liberating women who would have been traumatized by the experience encountered that could have led to the pregnancy. In the event that the pregnancy is against the mothers wishes and is beyond her control, I agree that abortion sho uld be treated as the most viable option that can disembarrass the mother from the sad events leading to the unwanted pregnancy. Tribe (3) also concurs that rape amounts to the denial of liberty to the dupe who whitethorn live with sad memories or trauma which negatively impacts on her well being. In such as situation, termination of the pregnancy can be advocated. In some circumstances, pregnancy can be terminated if it endangers the demeanor of the fetus or the mother and I share the same view with this idea. It may not be a noble idea to have a deformed child as she may not enjoy the life of a normal human being. In some instances, if the life of the mother is endangered as a result of the pregnancy, it can be terminated at an former date to avoid complicating her health which can lead to death. The case of Jane Roe v. Henry Wade is one good example where the US Supreme court upheld that the Constitution of the United States should not permit the political relation to interfe re with a womans even out to opt for an abortion. However, the anti-thesis statement of this op-ed suggests that abortion should not be legal because it is immoral. I strongly believe in this assertion given that there is no soul with a right to end life. Even a fetus must be given the right to life since its life cannot be simply terminated as a result of the mothers wrongdoing in some cases. Usually, a child does not apply to be born therefrom it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the child is given the chance to be born alive. It is also my belief that ending life is ungodly given that we are all created in the image of God whence no one should have the right to end life.

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Assess the hierarchical structure of the court system in England and Essay - 4

treasure the hierarchal expression of the court system in England and Wales. To what extent does the common law doctrine of stuffing precedent engage with this structure - Essay ExampleThe structure of the courts that lie along all the lead jurisdiction are always arranged in accordance to the cases subject matter that have been brought originally the court instead of the source of the laws that will be applied in making rulings to the cases. The latter organize a strong basis for a great deal in the whole court structure in England and wales until towards the end of the nineteen-century, but some influence is still seen to date.All the other courts in the hierarchical structure of the legal system are bound to any purpose and judgments made by the nursing home of Lords. Despite this bond, the decision is only exempted to the House of Lords rulings itself. Previously, the House of Lords used to be bound to its decisions that were made in previous rulings until the practice wa s changed back in the year nineteen sixty-six.The old practice rationale was that the decision made by the highest court in the country was meant to be final so that certainty in the law would be and henceforth finality in litigation. However, due to changes seen in the well-disposed conditions, the law was changed. The live practice, therefore, enables the highest court that is the House of Lords to adapt to the laws of England and wales so that it can be able to meet the ever-changing social conditions. In addition, to enable the structure to be able to pay its attention to the decisions made by the spiffing courts within the commonwealth.The freedom bestowed upon the House of Lords currently to change its decision that it made previously creates recognition that law, whether it has been convey in cases or printed in statutes, is considered to be living. Because of this, institutions must change to adapt to the circumstances under which these laws keep if practical relevance of the laws is to be retained.The court of appeal lies second in the ranking of the courts.

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Is Article 5 of the OECD's Model Tax Convention still fit for purpose Coursework

Is member 5 of the OECDs Model Tax design still fit for purpose given the changes in being trade since the Article was fir - Coursework ExampleRaising personal income taxes or the goods and services tax either further would be extremely unpopular with the people. There is widespread anger in the UK and in former(a) OECD countries about the tax dodge practices of large multinational corporations. In the UK, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament questioned higher-ranking executives of Starbucks, Amazon and Google on their tax avoidance practices which were held to be against the spirit if not the letter of the law 2. multinational Corporations (MNC) accounted for over $33 trillion in global sales in 2010 with a value rise to power of over $16 trillion, representing one-quarter of the mankind GDP. some(prenominal) of the MNC from the Fortune 100 list have bigger revenues than some(prenominal) of the emerging economy countries around the world and most of these MNC are headquartered in the OECD countries 3. 1 Browne, J. and Roantree, B., A stick to of the UK Tax System, IFS Briefing Note BN09, October 2012. accessed 20 March 2013. 2 Knight, L., Corporate tax avoidance How do companies do it? BBC News, 4 Dec 2012. accessed on 20 March 2013. 3 UNCTAD Report, World enthronization Report 2011, joined Nations Conference on Trade and Development accessed on 20 March 2013. ... ve definition, a sovereign state is made up of three core elements people, territory and a presidency and the government of a territory has the sovereign right to tax people living in that territory 4. A Multinational Corporation, by definition, operates in multiple countries and there is the perennial challenge of determining which government has tax income rights over the MNC and for what part of its income. 2. The Evolution of the OECD Model Tax Convention The Organization for European Economic Cooperation which afterward became the OECD first published a draft double taxa tion avoidance agreement in 1958 with the butt of preventing individuals or companies being taxed in both the country of residence (Country R) and the country of source for the income (Country S) and for the prevention of tax evasion. This document has served as the basis for over 3000 bilateral tax treaties in force around the world 5. The Model Convention has been periodically updated by the OECD and a draft 2012 revision is currently in circulation. Many developing countries around the world felt that the OECD model convention was unduly favourable to the advanced economies and lobbied the United Nations to evolve an alternative Model Double Taxation convention which was first issued in 1977. 4 Ring, D.M., Democracy, reign and Tax Competition The Role of Tax Sovereignty in shaping Tax Cooperation, Boston College constabulary School, 28 Jan 2009. accessed on 20 March 2013. 5 Bennett, M., The 50th Anniversary of the OECD Model Tax Convention, 2008. accessed on 20 March 2013. Th is model has also been periodically updated. The UN model gives the source country greater rights to tax income than the

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1980s Latin America Debt Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

1980s Latin America Debt Crisis - Essay ExampleLatin American countries followed a heavy reliance on debt finance. First, increases in orthogonal debt in these countries were high than the revenues they had derived from their annual exports. In 1976, Mexico exported anele which paved the way for excess imports since cheap loans can be readily tapped. Brazil implemented a program of industrial expansion. Argentina and Chile established an overvalued reciprocation rate policy as an intrinsic part of anti-inflationary strategy. Diverse government policies led these Latin American countries to defective exchange rate policies and immoderate dependence on external capital flows.Another factor for the persistent debt problem was the fact that state enterprises became the conduit for enthralling external resources. The government guarantee provided for foreign denominated loans was attractive to external lenders who had no information on the satisfying risk profile of the debtors. P ublic enterprises implemented programs of investment which guaranteed direct control over the foreign exchange proceeds to the national government. (Wesson, 9)In the years after 1983, these countries suffered from capital outflows and from the persistent slide in primary trade good prices. From 1983 up to 1986, Latin American terms of trade declined by 15 percent. Increased exports were negatively touch on by falling prices. Countries. Argentina and Peru were especially hard hit. Mexico went into crisis due to falling oil prices in 1986.The linger imbalance in the U.S. balance of payments contributed to the disadvantage of Latin America. The United States buys manufactured imports from Asian Countries (NICs) while conclusion off capital flows from Latin American countries. Japanese and European surpluses were sent to the United States to get higher rates of investment. Economic growth in Latin America was supported by an import-substitution industrialization which protected th e home(prenominal) industrial economy by means of high tariffs, import duties, and government subsidies. The initial collection benefited the economy but by the late 1960s, it was beginning to negatively affect agriculture which provides the needed foreign exchange. The industry had expensive domestic inputs that resulted in making major Mexican agricultural exports uncompetitive. Government policies which controlled domestic food prices also discouraged the increase of food production. As the population increased, consumption rose, reducing the nitty-gritty of food available for export. It became necessary either to generate more resources to satisfy the demands of the population, or to control or decrease such demands without undermining the peace of the ruling party. By 1970, Lus Echeverra Alvarez, was elected president. He implemented the policy of change development. Stabilizing development is the economic strategy which emphasized growth over fairness. The assumption had been that these resources would trickle buck to the poor. The Echeverra administration opted for a strategy of shared development. This policy would emphasize equity and growth by policies that assembly line a greater share of economic gains to Mexicos lower classes. Echeverra encouraged more aggressive trade unions and he rued that foreign investors and domestic businessmen for exploiting the country. As conflict increased and confidence in the administrations policies declined, capital pip began. The government was forced to devalue the Mexican peso twice. Echeverras anger and dismay led him to expropriate commodious tracts of private agricultural land to give them to landless peasants. The presidents attempt to spend his way into growth and equity had clearly failed by 1976, when Jos Lpez Portillo succeeded him. Portillo assumed a conciliatory approach in the face of problems. He hence decided to secure foreign funding using the vast petroleum reserves of Mexico. Finally, c ommercial bankers were veneer up to lend Mexico money in an attempt to reinvest billions of petrodollars that Arab governments had placed on

Strategic Management and Possesses Good Customer Essay Example for Free

Strategic Management and Possesses Good Customer examine1.What ar the key issues presented in the study?Barclays is one of the four most dominant retail and commercial cusss in U.K. but the company has faced many challenges between the time periods of 1980-2000.Key IssuesUnderperformance The rely had lost confidence in its abilities due to years of underperformance. It had failed to reach global market place with trifling growth in divestitures and acquisitions.Leadership issues The lingo failed to find a good leader between 1995 and 19999. It had quintet different CEOs in five years failing to contribute.Cost reduction The bank was struggling to get hold of significant changes which could reduce its cost base. Its cost to income ratio was higher than that of competitors.Lack of Planning The bank lacked strategic planning and also had a inadequate management performance system.Media and investors The bank had become the easy derriere for media beca rehearse of its perfor mance and changing CEOs. This resulted into unhappy investors and demoralized employees.2.Is Barclays performing well? Justify your answer.Considering the size and resources the bank has, I would say the bank is not performing according to its standards.JustificationBarclays possesses good node relationship skills. They have built personal relationships with one out of five personal customers, and have target relationships with 25% of the businesses in U.K. This is a great resource to have unfortunately it is not able to use the resources effectively. The infrastructure of the company is not capable of using the resources properly. One of the most important things needed for conquest of any organization is to have a good leader which the bank lacks.The bank has little character on where they are losing money and where to cut costs. This is due to absence of a strategic plan and hapless management system. The cost to income ratio was higher than its competitors which greatly aff ected the companys balance sheets. The bank had been unable to grow globally due to unmotivated and demoralized executives. The employees were not able to work in a team due to lack of communication and other corporate difficulties.In all, Barclays was a brand and had a reputation which it failed to fulfill because of poor management decisions and lack of proper planning and execution.3.What are the processes that Barrett used to formulate decide and implement new strategy?Matt Barrett had a difficult parturiency ahead to imp

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The Story of the Stuff by Annie Leonard Essay Example for Free

The Story of the Stuff by Annie Leonard moveThe Story of the Stuff which is made by Annie Leonard was very interesting and enlightening. It made me realize that no field of study how small the stuffs we use in our everyday life, it should not be taken for granted because the stinting ashes is in crisis and we good dealt continue to run on a linear system since we live on a planet of limited resources. People become obsessed with consumerism, especially when it comes to new technologies. Things that we buy and and then discard go through different phases extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. Corporations keep become bigger than our government and the firstly limit to the system is exploitation of our indispensable resources. We are consuming products to the point where 1/3 of our natural resources are already used up with 30% of our waste being shipped to other areas of the world.Due to these instances, well-nigh all of our forest have already be en cut down, and yet this corporations who still wants to cut them have no corporate environmental responsibility, what they want is always earning to a greater extent profit. They should think that if all the resources in earthly concern runs out, even cash cant revert the damage they have done to these non-renewable resources. Also they cant already buy these resources from the over-exploited third world countries. Yet the government hasnt done lavish actions to address these problems. I find it appalling and irresponsible of our government. Maybe just maybe they are doing actions or made rules and regulations to minimize these occurrences but still it wouldnt be enough since corporations can lend money to those corrupt officials whose minds are obsessed with money then poof, the corporations will continue its operations. It is not merely the blot of the corporations or the government, each individuals also contributed on consuming the limited resources the earth have.In today s time, consumers has become the new evil of the society, consumption has turned from necessity to excessiveness. Through planned and perceived obsolescence we have turned against everyone including ourselves. Consumerism led to tremendous increase in the variety of products. Each product life bout from raw material extraction to its consumption has aneffect on the ecosystem as a whole. For example, due to toxics homogeneous dioxins and furans, there is change in the atmosphere thus affecting both flora and fauna of our planet. To issue to this growing hunger, production house does not maintain any standards in the degradation of human, social and economic capital.Rather than playing the role as a regulator, the governments are playing the role as a promoter. But there is a way forward, we and planet are complimentary not supplementary. We should start centre on closed production loop, renewable energy, zero waste. Sustainable development is the way forward for sustainable life. We cant just start fresh with a whole new system, however I study we can take the current system and revamp it in a way that we become more responsible as consumers and citizens. We need to take back our government and unite to see the big picture. By unity we create equity, boost our local living economies and promote sustainability

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Man or Brute Essay Example for Free

opus or Brute EssayThe Analysis of the Monster of Frankenstein Man or Brute What is the difference between man and beast? The answer to that question is as greyness as the gloomy clouds that constantly hang over Dr. Frankensteins head. Mary Shelleys characters Dr. Frankenstein and his colossus from her reinvigorated Frankenstein blur the variants between civilized and living creatureistic. Before chapter ten the giant is an ominous character, only being seen a few times. The true disposition of the character has yet to be established. Through the setting of the passage, and rhetorical wondering(a) Mary Shelley builds on the motif of redemption and using vituperations is able to build layers of depth and complexity of the character. Shelley characterizes the behemoth as separated, self pitying, vulnerable, and aggressive. Mary Shelley uses the dismal and frigid setting of chapter ten to collaterally characterize the daemon as isolated and cut pip. During the paragraph s preceding the meeting of the heavyweight and Dr. Frankenstein, he orates the scene in big detail, truism that A mist covered the surrounding mountains.Presently a breeze dissipated the clouds, and I descended upon the glacier (Shelley 80). The description generates an icy and desolate ambiance surrounding the setting right before the entrance of the deuce. By introducing the monster into a dismal and frigid atmosphere Shelley deepens the layers of the monsters character by creating an indirect link between him and the setting. The setting is elaborated when the monster himself describes his habitat by saying, dreary glaciers are my safety device and These bleak skies I hail, for they are kinder to me than your fellow-beings (82).Shelley repeatedly uses the word glacier, first when Frankenstein describes the scene and again when the monster describes them as his refuge. The word glacial, which means of ice, or icy, builds the foundation to make the connection between glacial a nd the synonym frigid. Also, the utilization of words such as dreary and bleak, which are synonyms with dismal, reinforcing the fact that the monster, himself feels more reliable in the remote and abyss like caves than in civilization.Therefore, he is an isolated savage cut off from the human world, which leads to the formation of feelings of indignation towards humans and his self pitying nature. Through the use of rhetorical inquisitive Shelley expresses the monsters feelings of indignation, inducing the characterization of his self pitying nature. Feeling wronged by humans, especially his originator, the monster eludes to his distress through questions such as, Have I not suffered enough that you seek to increase my ill? (81). The monster uses phrases like this in the effort to make Dr. Frankenstein aware of the pain he has inflicted. However, Dr. Frankenstein is not contrite for his actions, so again the monster floods Frankenstein with statements such as, am I not alone, m iserably alone? You my creator abhor me (82). The misery that the monster refers to is the neglect and rejection that he feels from his creator, which in return fuels his hatred towards humans, and his feelings of sadness for himself.The continual use of the polarizing structure of I verses You shows the monsters tendency to blame Dr. Frankenstein for all his misery in order to feel the gratification of his self pitying actions. In the eyes of the monster the only focussing to justify the matter is for Frankenstein to accept him. The motif of redemption is prevalent throughout out the passage as the monster pleads for it, which characterizes him as vulnerable. The monster beseeches Frankenstein for redemption and acceptance by saying I am thy creatureRemember that I am thy creature I ought to be thy Adam (81). In the simile of the monster and Adam, the monster hints at the fact that he has sinned, and yearns for compassion and redemption from his creator. Like Adam in the scriptur al story when he sinned and ate from the tree of knowledge he became aware of his nakedness. In the context of the monster the nakedness represents vulnerability. The comparison of Adam and the monster is used by Shelley to bring humanistic characteristics to the monster by hinting at his corruption and vulnerability.On multiple occasions the monster says I entreat you to hear me (81) and How basis I move thee? and again saying Listen to my tale (82). At least three go against times the monster pleads for a chance. By asking for redemption the monster puts himself at the mercy of Dr. Frankenstein, make himself activatedly vulnerable. The layers of the monster are built by having constant contrast between the monster delirious vulnerability and physically dominance.Mary Shelley contrasts the monsters emotional vulnerability with physical aggressiveness shown through short invective outbursts. After seeing that Frankenstein was unmoved by his plea the monster resorts to contempl ating physical retaliation. The invectives, short intense emotional verbal attacks, can also be described as verbal threats. For example the monster says, Do your duty towards me, and I forget do mine towards you and the rest of mankindbut if you refuse, I will glut the maw of death, until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends (81).The graphic threats towards Frankenstein help to characterize the monster as aggressive. Not only does the monster threaten Frankensteins friends he threatens all humans saying deliver them from the evil Not only you and your family, but thousands of others, shall be swallowed up in the whirlwinds of its rage (82). As the passage goes on the threats croak darker and more horrific contemplations, resemble more animalistic than civilized thoughts.Shelley clouds the line of reason on whether or not the monster is human or beast. Mary Shelley is able to draw an antagonist with such depth, by using the setting to indirectly characterize th e monster as isolated and cutoff. She comments on the natural need for acceptance and how when this is not met, it leads to the formation of emotional vulnerability. Shelley adds complexity to the monster by exploring the cause and effect relationship between the lack of acceptance of his creator and his constant need for Dr.Frankensteins affirmation. The aggressive tendencies shown in the text through invectives as threats, also hints at the monsters animal like origins. This passage is essential to the understanding of the monster, because it offers immeasurable insight to the minds and mannerisms of the characters. The lines that separate human from brute become blurred and the criteria for being a man are questioned. Work Cited Shelley, Mary. Chapter 10. Frankenstein. New York Penguin Group, 2000. 78-83. Print.

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Joyces treatment of Epiphanies Essay Example for Free

Joyces discussion of Epiphanies EssayExplore Joyces treatment of Epiphanies in close to of the stories you arrive studied.In literally e real of floor of Joyce studied so far we could discover one or more epiphanies. This term is generally utilise as a description of any sudden moments of understanding or sense of revelation. Joyce himself once draw them as sudden spiritual manifestations, whether in the vulgarity of speech or gesture or in a memorable phase of the mind itself. I will try to fathom these epiphanies and Joyces use of them in the following. The story I am going to start with is An Encounter, which happens to be at an early stage of Joyces chronological order in Dubliners childhood.It mainly deals with a bunch of younger shoal boys, who live a sort of sheltered childhood in catholic Dublin, reading stories intimately the Wild West, playacting Indian fights, and having parents who go to eight-oclock mass every morning. Inspired by the stories read in thei r Wild West booklets, Leo Dillon, Mahony and the fibber decide to have their own little adventure and innovation a day out of school, playing truant and going to see the so called Pigeon House at the other destination of Dublin. However, in the side by side(p) morning they are starting their journey without Leo Dillon. Mahony freely comments Come along. I knew Fattyd funk it.When the devil boys, after a long voyage, still havent arrived at their destination, they agree to give up their initial plan and just to rest some age on a bench in a field. by and by a few calm minutes Mahony and the Narrator discover an aged(prenominal)er man approaching at the far end of the field, shabbily dressed and walking with one hand upon his hip and a stick around in the other hand.Having arrived at the bench with the cardinal young boys on it, he wishes a good-day and starts to dress down approximately the weather. Suggesting the boys that the happiest time of ones life was undoubtedly on es schoolboy days, the bores Mahony and the narrator, who nevertheless keep silent. In the following, the ageing man talks, mainly to the narrator, about literature and, from there, changes the subject to totties. He expresses a very liberal point of view about young piles lives Every boy, he said, has a little sweetheart. Silence follows a long monologue of the of age(predicate) man about young girls and other things the speaker leads not actually to understands, which implies us that it could be about sexual allusions as the two boys are still quite young.The man stands up and walks to the near end of the field. Arrived there, he does something that wakes Mahonys interest I say Look what he is doing and a bit later I say Hes a queer old josser which suggests us that the man might be, excited by two little boys, masturbating just a few meters a focal point from them. Some minutes later, he comes patronage and once more starts a monologue, but it seems he has forgotten his rec ent liberalism In language influenced by sadism he states that school boys should be whipped and whipped again, especially if they told lies about their sweethearts, he would give them such a whipping as no boy ever got in this world. Calmly, the narrator departs, obviously worried by behaviour and stories of the old man, and joins Mahony who has bygone away, into the field, earlier. Together they leave the place.Back to the epiphanies the foremost one we can find is apparently the moment when Mahony finds the old man masturbating only a few meters off. No matter if the boys actually know what he is doing, it is unquestionably a so called sudden spiritual manifestation they know that what the man is doing there is strange for them, and it curtly changes the way they look at him. Although there is no physical threat for them at that moment, Mahony and the speaker happen worried and confuse, and one of them even runs away after having seen this.Although directly r shake to the ol d mans behaviour joined to the first epiphany, we can find another one when he is back and talking again the way he speaks and his opinions have changed so drastically that there must be another strange waking up in the speakers mind. We feel reminded of a definition of an epiphany mentioned earlier It is a sudden spiritual manifestation in the vulgarity of speech and gesture.The third and last epiphany, I suggest, might be found at the very end of the story, when the boys are just about to leave, to finish their day off and start the journey back home they now realize that they have really find out what their adventure was like they have met a sexually sick bloke instead of having an exciting day in Dublin, visiting a sight and enjoying themselves.A second example for Joyces treatment of epiphanies could be the short story After the Race. unlike An Encounter it deals with adolescence, and tells about what happens on a particular evening in paralysed Dublin.Four young people retu rn to Dublin. They have just taken part in a car race, and have win the second place. The group is made up of a French man, a French-Canadian, a Hungarian and Doyle, a Dubliner. Through Doyle, Joyce shows the ambitions and aspirations of middle class Dublin. His father was a butcher, but had been fortunate enough to secure some police contracts and had become rich enough to be referred to as the merchant prince. The father has plans for his son Doyle is first sent to Cambridge, to study, where he first encounters international upper class lifestyle, not the one he knows from Dublin. Studies do not particularly interest him, and he returns to Dublin. Doyle could be called a typical rich son, and he is passing interested in music and motoring. He got to know a member of the racing team, and is now elated to be entering Dublin in the teams company. That evenings Dinner is a matter that causes great excitement in Doyles family, as it shows father and mother that their son has arrived arrived in the world of jet-set and international playboys, as they think.However, Joyce doesnt reject to admit that Dublin wasnt actually a metropolis as it seemed to be then That night the city wore the affect of a capital. The company of the young men is heady. They talk loudly and gaily. And when they stroll along Stephens Green, people on the road make way for them. I think Joyce wants to imply here how much the odour of wealthiness and internationality are worshipped in Dublin another allusion on the paralysis he finds in Dublin in those times. They team makes its way to a yacht, where the go on celebrating themselves happily. The party continues with game where cash is staked Doyle loses heavily, but who cares on such a night? The party ends up with the Hungarian, who unlike Doyle realized that this isnt his world, retired from the game, announcing Daybreak, gentlemenIn this story, we find another way of use of epiphanies Joyce keeps it until the very end until he uses the epiphany with the Hungarian reminding the team that it is time to wake up and face the realities of a normal day. This shows Doyle that the last twelve hours were just an illusion and that he cant actually cope with the standard of these international jet-setters. He has lost far more specie than he can afford and has to realize that he is just a Dubliner and that Dublin hasnt got its place in a line-up of the international capitals. Joyces use of the epiphany is remarkable, as it wasnt to the very end of the story that he effectively used it. For the whole time, Joyce left Jimmy Doyle and us in the imagination that the Dubliner could actually cope with his colleagues until he all of a sudden drops him out of his dream world.So far we could discover quite a different use of epiphanies in two of Joyces stories used three times in An Encounter, opening different point of views for the boys of the day and of the old man, Joyce uses, in contrast, only one epiphany in After the R ace, which in itself, however, is much sharper and more abrupt. man in After the race the epiphany is used at the very end only, they are spread wider in An Encounter. Both stories epiphanies have in common that they actually always are memorable phases of the persons minds themselves, or in Joyces words, these sudden spiritual manifestations I mentioned before.

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Sensory Perceptions Essay Example for Free

Sensory Perceptions EssayThe hotshot, a complex structure, every(prenominal)ows a gay being to perceive and react to their environment, contemplate the big questions, and experience a myriad of emotions. The brain controls the body and maintains the pure internal balance needed to sustain life (Smith, 2010). If fortunate enough, we humans all have quintuplet senses vision, hearing, taste, speckle, and smell. All of these senses that we have, work together to give us a conscientious picture of the world and where we give-up the ghost in it. The statement, There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the senses (Kirby Goodpaster, pg. 54), means, that our brain would be repeal without our senses. Our senses consolidate to make us understand who we be, where we ar, and what is happening around us. Beca riding habit our brain feeds and processes information about our quint senses, we put meaning to our sensory experiences, thus, we are able to respond and behave ac cordingly. We rely on right observations. Our senses prove its accuracy on a daily basis and act as our lenses, amplifiers, particle detectors, and stuff and heat gauges (Kirby Goodpaster, pg. 54).Our vision allows us to be aware so we nookie stop at bolshy lights, wait for cars to pass, and know when it is safe to walk across the street. Hearing is an early(a) powerful sense that we use to listen to words, is crucial in communication, and is interactive with our thinking. When we hear a very loud noise terminal to us, we become startled and our senses might kick in and tell us to be aware of our surroundings. The touch sensory is circulated throughout our body. When we feel heat on a pan on the stove, our senses alert us to the danger of being burnt, and we proceed with caution before receiving further injury. Smelling uses the noise that sends sensations to the brain. When we smell smoke, we instinctively know there is a fire or something is burning. Then our sense sends a m essage to our brain that we need to take care of the problem or leave if it is too dangerous. Our senses feed our brain everyplacemuch as food feeds our body without their input, our brain would be almost empty(Kirby Goodpaster, pg. 54). I believe that our senses, in most cases, are accurate.There are elements in life such as being sore or sleep deprived, that may distort the accuracy of our sensory perceptions temporarily, notwithstanding in most cases they are accurate and the information they provide us with is essential in establishing our thinking. There are also other cases where what we think we see is not really what it is, habits, interests, and biases, focuses and thus limits our perceptions (Kirby Goodpaster, 2007, pg. 56). I believe that our sensory information in most regards is accurate, without any sort of accuracy we would not depend on them as much as we do in our thinking and decision making. When it comes to the accuracy of sensory data, there are various th ings that bunghole cause an hit. Clearly, the brain needs food. Just like the rest of your body, it requires energy, protein, and vitamins for the brain to function correctly. Without a victorian diet, our brain will have an effect on the sensory data.Drugs and alcohol also play a huge part in contributing to sensory accuracy. Certain types of drugs such as nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy can affect the brain as well. All of these drugs interact with the brain at the synapse, increasing or fall the brains natural chemical activity. Even though their pharmaceutic effects are different, they all have in common the ability to disrupt our cognitive abilities and in some cases the deficits seems to last later the drug is discontinued, leaving open the possibility of permanent cognitive damage (Kirby Goodpasters, pg. 72). Last but not least, sleep is inevitable. We need sleep to think. Perhaps that is why we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. rest, like d iet and exercise, is chief(prenominal) for our minds and bodies to function normally. In fact, sleep appears to be required for survival.Rats deprived of sleep die within deuce to three weeks, a time frame similar to death due to starvation (why Sleep Is, 2008). Sleep is a natural part of everybodys life, but many people try to get by with a little amount of sleep. Sleep is something our bodies need to do, it is not an option. Sleep debt can negatively affect mood, motivation, memory, decision making, concentration, problem solving, and logical thinking (Coren, 1996 Kirby Goodpasters, pg. 73). The nature-nurture controversy is defined as, A traditional and long-standing disagreement over whether heredity or environment is more important in the development ofliving things, especially human beings. The relative contribution of nature (genetic and biological inheritance) and nurture (environmental factors) in developmental processes have been, and to this day, continues to be a debat e.Both nature and nurture influence behavior. Some things are obviously nature. Eye color, for example, is genetic, and cannot be influenced by environment, although people could use colored contacts to change their eye color. On the other hand, language is a bailiwick of nurture, ultimately by where someone is born and raised. We may not see the world as it is, but that is where accuracy of sensory information is concluded. Three reasons to believe in the accuracy of sensory information are the ability to use our senses to provide data so that our brain can identify the truth, using our senses to financial aid connect the brain and emotions together, and lastly, senses give the mind the potential to determine what reality is.ReferencesSmith, A. (2010, April 11). Functions of the Parts of the Brain. Retrieved from http//www.livestrong.com/article/104669-functions-parts-brain/Kirby, G., Goodpaster, J. Thinking. (Fourth ed.).Why Sleep Is Important. (2008). Retrieved from http//www. education.com/reference/article/Ref_Parents_Why_Sleep/

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Puritan Ideals of Work and Play in Our World Today Essay Example for Free

puritan Ideals of Work and Play in Our World forthwith EssayWhen Columbus get in the New World in 1492, he changed the world forever. When the prudes landed in the same New World, they changed the tides of Americas future everlastingly as well. They brought with them many ideas that be still being used today. The prude puddle ethic was a huge portion of the beliefs carried by the community it was the idea that all members should strive to do as much as they could for the community, and all should work to gain Gods favor. The Puritans idea of duty before self-fulfillment was another evident whimsey every Puritan held.They believed that every ane should do their obligations first and foremost before anything else. The life of a puritan was mount of hard work which was done willingly to gain the favor of God and of the community, and contained the concept of fulfilling separately soulfulnesss individual responsibilities and then only partaking in activities which where sel f-fulfilling in our modern society we volunteer and each member of the family is given duties to complete, similarly to the jobs the Puritans held 100s of years ago. In the Puritan world everything rotated around God.He was the cornerstone for every action they took. For them, one way to get redemption from the sins that they had connected was to work and toil for God and the large number around them. In the Puritan era peck military serviceed one another, not for the chance to gain a reward, entirely a chance to gain favor amongst themselves, strangers and God. As William Bradford states, But when he grew weak, they had compassion on him and helped him, this refers to the time when the new colonists helped the sick sailors who had brought them there (Bradford 21).They did this just for the interest of helping others and in doing so gained more of Gods favor. This work ethic inspired the generations of people who followed, and created the standards for American work ethic, wh ich are still being used today. In modern day America, people volunteer at a variety of places to help the poor, needy or injured. My parents when they had just got married fatigued quite a plot of land at an orphanage in India to help the poor kids there, and I actively volunteer at Mercy Medical to help the sick and injured.Neither my parents nor I had to do so, but it gave us a thought that we were benefiting our communities. Like us, many people in America and the world help others, making the world a stop place with every helpful hand. Just as the puritans strived to do work, they also strived to do work which was necessary, even if they did not relish it. For instance when given the choice amid trimming tree to make it look better, or helping the neighbor sow his crops, most Puritans would choose the later. They had the notion to do your duty first, and all else came afterwards.The Puritans believed that the woman of the phratry should be a good mother and wife first and all else came second. In the same abode a man should be a good husband for his wife and a supportive have of his children. In the community, there is not one person who does not have some sort of duty. In Anne Bradstreets poem To My Dear and Loving Husband, she describes her chouse for her husband as his wife, I prize thy love more than mines of gold or all the riches the East doth hold (Bradstreet 35). Bradstreet made it quite crystallise that she was a wife before anything else, being a poet came afterwards.Many of her other poems are about family and hers sense of duty toward them. Puritans strove to make their childrens lives better, and by being responsible they entailed their kid to do so as well. In modern day America, every member of the household has a limited task that they must do. An example of this is my family, where my parents both maintain their jobs, while tending to the household chores of cooking, cleaning, etc. while my brother and I both do our jobs of doi ng well in school, while helping our parents where we can. Whether Puritan or modern day American, or Indian in my case, the idea is the same, everyone has tasks they need to do to maintain a functioning household. The Puritan work ethic simply entails that, only after all the work that is needful to be finished is done, should a person partake in other activities or chores. In the Puritan lifestyle family was important to maintain a good family all the members of it needed to be diligent of their duties.When individual volunteers in todays world they are doing more work to make their society better, when the Puritans did tautologic hard work they tried to make their community better, and to have a better standing with God. The Puritans also did their duty to the best of their ability, and each member of the family functioned together to get their work finished. some(prenominal) the Puritans and Modern day Americans were partook in hard work and were consistent with their duties to improve their community, and make it a better place for all to live in. All we have to do is maintain these standards in the future, do you recollect we can?

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The problems, failures, and disadvantages of computer technology Essay Example for Free

The problems, failures, and disadvantages of estimator technology leaven1. The cyberspace is a vie Field for Piracy and Privacy Violations 2. Green Dam Curtails Freedom of conceptualisation 3. Computer Technology Tramples on the Freedom of People in Iran 4. Censor Regulating the Digital surround is Difficult and Challenging 5. A Failure The Vulnerability of Computer Technology to Hacking 6. Computer Technology Fails to undecomposed Cyberspace from Breaches 7. Officially Permitted Hacking Ethical or Not? 8. Twitter Personal Accounts, Breached 9. Computer Technology gives deep Enterprises Power over Consumers 10.What makes Smoking and Computers Similar? Theyre Dangerous to Your Health The Internet is a Playing Field for Piracy and Privacy Violations During the previous month, there have been legal conflicts and arguments in France nearly the cheering and endorsement of an Internet rectitude proposed by the nations ruler, Nicolas Sarkozy. President Sarkozy has proposed a law in April that was intended to fight piracy in the country. The law included a proposition of developing an style that would handle anti-piracy operations, which would be called HADOPI.If approved, the agency would be responsible for tracking slew the tribe who are downloading copyrighted content from the Internet without the permission or approval of the proprietors. However, the causas of President Sarkozy were scrapped since it was denied by the French courts. In addition, the proposed law has earned many protesters who saw it as a entrancement to human rights and a biased coin to nurture outstanding companies that operate through recording, music and movie production, and so on.The situation relates to two fence issues Privacy and Intellectual Property. Although the approval of the law may be intentiond to deal with piracy, which is a cognise crime, its murder is also a crime in itself because it violates human rights. This is because the law would authorize HAD OPI to track down the accounts and activity of online users, which is a clear violation of the peoples right to privacy. The issue appeals to society because it impart question what the law and other similar laws truly protect the interest of the people or large enterprises.This urges society to be have involved with policy development and implementation and for law-making bodies or legislators to observe fairness, rationality, and ethics in drafting and endorsing laws. The important thing to remember is to let large enterprises and online users compromise in order to protect the interest and meet the demands of both parties similarly. Bremner, C. (2009). Top French Court Rips Heart Out of Sarkozy Internet Law. Retrieved 18 Jul 2009, from Times Online. Website http//technology.timesonline. co. uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article6478542. ece Green Dam Curtails Freedom of Expression The Republic of China is existence criticized for its effort in demanding the installation of the Green Dam Youth Escort software in all computers telling this month. The Green Dam is a computer program that has filtering capabilities. Its installation in computers allows the blocking or filtering of mingled websites in the World Wide Web much(prenominal) as pornographic sites, violent sites, and so on.However, the brass military personnel Rights Watch has protested against the Chinese regimes schemes because the Green Dam defies the universal right to emancipation of expression. The criticisms arose when the Human Rights Watch found out that the Green Dam was also cap adapted of filtering breeding in the World Wide Web that discusses politics and presses out the accounts and statements of homosexuals in China. Computer users with Green Dam softwares shall not be able to choose which sites they want to filter out. Perceptibly, the issue presented above relates to the topic of granting immunity of expression.The Chinese governments efforts to lobby for the installation of the G reen Dam software is a clear violation of the freedom of expression because the software was programmed to be predisposed in choosing which sites people might be able to access. It may be a political scheme for the government to control the kind of information being sent out to the public in order to prevent the disclosure of appalling repositions by the government, solely it is definitely discriminatory towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, etc.Controlling access to the World Wide Web affects society such that the liberty of the people to express themselves and to access any kind of information they want through the Internet is being curtailed by a computer software. This is a sign for the technology industry and the people to come together and accompaniment ethics and human rights.Human Rights Watch. (2009). China Filtering Software Challenges Computer Industry. Retrieved 17 Jul 2009, from Human Rights Watch. Website http//www. hrw.org/en/news/2009/06/19/china-filtering-software-cha llenges-computer-industry Computer Technology Tramples on the Freedom of People in Iran With the support of human rights interest groups such as Amnesty International, Freedom House and other representatives of foundations and institutes that advocate for the implementation and observance of policies on human rights, the plight of the people in Iranian has been revealed publicly. Apparently, the Iranian government is implementing exigent measures in order to inhibit online freedom in the country.This move was politically motivated, such that the government in Iran is trying to limit the amount of information being publicized through the Internet, specifically on facts about the elections and causes of demonstrations from the masses. The Iranian population has been outraged by the extreme online restrictions the government has implemented. Even social networking sites that were meant to be mystical online sites or spaces for people have been filtered through sophisticated computer applications in order to prevent the people in Iran from posting their personal thoughts and opinions.The situation in Iran does not only relate to the issue of freedom of speech or expression, but also the right of the people to adequate and unbiased information. The violations of the Iranian government stretch out to graver circumstances since it has resorted to physical violence towards online writers or journalists who post local information for the world to see. The resolution of such situations also relates to the observance and assertion of professional ethics and responsibility that is, the chaste sense to end the Iranian governments oppression of the masses.This is just an example that conveys the two sides of computer technology. It may be used to benefit man, but at the same time, people may use it to trample on freedom and human rights. It serves as a reminder for people to always be vigilant and stand their ground against tyranny and.Robinson, D. (2009). Human Rights G roups, Media Organizations Call for Internet Freedom in Iran. Retrieved 18 Jul 2009, from Voice of America. Website http//www. voanews. com/english/2009-06-18-voa67. cfm.

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Key Challenges That Zen Practitioners Face in the West Essay Example for Free

Key Challenges That superman Practitioners Face in the westbound Essay venereal infection is a specific form of Buddhism, which appeared in post-Heian period. originally loony toons became a hybrid of Indian Buddhism and Chinese Taoism and Confucianism. Zen is a Japanese name, which corresponds to Chinese Chan, Vietnamese Thien Buddhism or Korean Son. All these kinds of Buddhism differ from each other but in the West they became confused and mixed unitedly, forming one idea of Zen Buddhism. Generally, all Zen teaching is based on Buddhist scriptures, such as Perfection of Wisdom Sutras and Diamond Cutter Sutra. Zen tradition in addition appreciates the teaching of famous Zen masters of the past. Soto and Rinzai are two principal(prenominal) rails of Zen Buddhism. In Soto school they pay special charge to the practice of Zazen of sitting meditation. This meditation consists of doing nonhing sitting in the military posture of lotus and making an attempt to stop thoughts. This is non-object meditation aiming to stop the activity of mind. Rinzai School makes stronger accent on the study of so called koans. Koans are short stories originating usually from the past which are used to pass the convey of zen.Disciples of Rinzai School spend days and hours meditating on koans, trying to stop activity of mind and achieve the spirit of Buddha. Both, Rinzai and Soto schools have practices of walking meditation. Zen is usually taught in Zen centers and monasteries. Zen tradition pays special attention to interaction between master and students. Teachers and students meet privately so that teacher can pass his fuck directly to his students. Despite Soto and Rinzai schools have always being practiced separately in Japan in that respect is a tendency to combine these two schools into one in the West.There are two main ways of passing Zen traditions in the West (Seager). First of all there are Zen masters, who emigrate from China and Japan. These masters keep close to the original tradition of Zen Buddhism. At the aforementioned(prenominal) time non-Asian disciples, who popularize Zen in the west often pay much less attention to the traditions and philosophical elements of Zen. Western teachers of Zen make main emphasis on meditation practices and deemphasize rituals and customs of conventional Zen Buddhism.Soto school gives sixteen precepts of Zen way of heart. These precepts are taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sanga, succeeding(a) the first three precepts, not doing evil, doing only good and doing good for others, living according to ten sound precepts, which are not killing, not stealing, write sexual conduct, telling no lie, keeping always from drugs and drinking, not judging others, being generous and being not angry. All these precepts shape day-to-day ethical rules of Zen Buddhism.In addition, Zen, which is based on the principle of spontaneous action often, turns to calligraphy, archery, poetry and marital arts as addi tional means. (Wallace) During last decades Zen Buddhist movements have moved from monasteries and gradually have become everyday practice. This can be explained by the peculiarities of Western mentality, where people got used to combining religious practices and everyday life, piece of music in Japan and other Asian countries practicing Zen Buddhism required moving away from fix life and living work and family.As states Allan Wallance, as Zen has been assimilated into the West, the traditional ceremonial life of the Japanese temple, together with its linguistic and social customs, has gradually become marginalized. Few Western Zen followers have elect to make the commitment of entering full-blown Zen sequestered practice by taking monastic ordination, or tokudo (Wallance, 8). Western Zen has become supplemented with views from other Buddhism traditions.Most Western practitioners of Zen are lay people, who practice short meditation sessions every day and turn to intensive practic e during so-called retreats. In Zen traditional retreats are called sesshins and they last from three to several months. At the same time tokudo, or Zen monastic movement became the founder of Buddhist Peace Fellowship. This organization if preoccupied with helping needy, curt and homeless.

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African American Press Essay Example for Free

African American Press Essay?We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the public been deceived by misrepresentation of things which concerns us d previous(predicate), written on the front page of the first black possess freshlys show reputation, freedoms ledger. licenses Journal was published on March 16, 1827 by a group of free black men in New York City. granting immunitys Journal was published the same grade bondage was abolished in New York and was used to counter racist commentary published in the master(prenominal)stream press. Samuel E.Cornish and legerdemain B. Russwurm served, respectively, as its senior and junior editors where they worked together to publish four-page, four-column weekly newspapers. Though The exemptions Journal was not the first African-American paper published, it was the first Africa-American owned newspaper. Freedoms Journal consisted of news on current events, anecdotes, editorials and used to address contemporary issues such as denouncing slavery, advocating for black peoples political rights, the right to vote, and speaking out about lynching.Cornish and Russwurm desire were to give African-Americans the freedom to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. They sought to improve conditions for more than 300,000 newly freed men and women living in the North. They fulfilled this desire, by employing 14 to 44 agents each year to collect subscriptions. Each agent was paid $3 a year for their work. To encourage black achievements Freedoms Journal featured biographies of celebrated black figures and continued to set ahead better living conditions by printing schools that were open to blacks, job offering and housing listings.Freedoms Journal, eventually, circulated 11 states, the District of Columbia, Haiti, Europe and Canada before ceasing offsprings in 1829. During that time, Russwurm became the sole editor of Freedoms Journal, after Cornish resigned in 1827. Russwurm b egan to promote the closure Movement which was frowned upon by majority of the newspapers readers. The Colonization Movement was a movement that was conceived by members of the American Colonization Colony where they began repatriating free African-Americans back to Africa.When the Freedoms Journal shifted in complete support of colonization, it lost most of its readers and in March 1829 Freedoms Journal ceased publication. Even though Freedoms Journal existed for two days, its two years of existence helped spawn other papers. Since then, African American press has evolved and has substantially increased in the state over the years. After Freedoms Journal, African-Americans had begun establishing and owning newspapers. It began May 1829, when Cornish attempted to revive the Freedoms Journal under the name The Rights of All, however, the publication was not successful and failed after a year.David Walker, hired as an agent for Freedoms Journal, became a well cognize, anti-slavery writer which was inspired by his experience with Freedoms Journal. In 1830, Walkers published his most famous publication known as Appeal which called for slaves to rebel against their masters, they want us for their slaves, and think nothing of murdering ustherefore, if there is an attempt make by us, kill or be killedand believe this, that it is no more harm for you to kill a man who is trying to kill you, than it is for you to take a drink of water when thirsty, (Walker).Another attempt at publication, Samuel Cornish, along with, Philip Bell, and Charles Bennett Ray launched The Weekly Advocate, January 1837. Later, the men changed the name to The Colored American March 4, 1837. The Colored American main purpose was to strengthen the moral, social, and political elevation of colored people as well as emancipation of slaves. The Colored American became long-familiar in the North because of the wide spread support of abolitionists, African-American churches and local abolition soc ieties, and Caucasian allies.The Colored American published 38 articles, becoming an important paper of its time. The last edition of The Colored American was published on Christmas day in 1841. Other early African American newspapers include the Provincial Freeman, published in 1854, which was the first African-American owned newspapers to be published in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. The North Star was an anti-slavery newspaper published in 1847 by Frederick Douglas. He posterior agreed to merge it with the publication Liberty Party Paper with Gerrit Smith creating the Frederick Douglass Paper, in Rochester, New York.The field Era was published in Washington, D. C. in 1847 by the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. The Liberator was probably the best-known publication during the era, published by William Lloyd Garrison in Boston between 1831 and 1865. Other anti-slavery newspapers of note include the athletic supporter of Man, published weekly for the New York State Anti-Sla very Society from 1836 through 1842. The Emancipator, originally known as sense datum of Universal Emancipation, was one of the first anti-slavery newspapers published in the coupled States by Benjamin Lundy in 1819 and issueAnti-Slavery Standard established in 1840. All of these newspapers advocated for the abolition of slavery and for the civil rights of all African Americans. By the start of Civil War, more than 40 black-owned and operated papers had been established throughout the United States. After the terminal of the Civil War, more than 100 newspapers were beginning to publish. Many of the major African-American owned publications include, Baltimore Afro-American, also known as The Afro, was founded by a former slave, John H. Murphy, SR. , in 1892.Today, The Afro is the longest-running African-American, family-owned newspaper in the United States. The Chicago Defender was founded by Robert Sengstacke. Abbott on May 5, 1905. The Chicago Defender included writing pieces f rom the well-known Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Willard Motley. The Pittsburgh messenger an African-American newspaper published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1910. The Pittsburgh Courier became the most astray circulated newspaper in America for African-Americans. During its peak, the Pittsburgh Courier circulated around 450,000 publications, with more than 400 employees in 14 cities.The Pittsburgh Courier discussed major issues impacting African-American communities. It campaigned against segregation and poverty, and promoted the social advancement of blacks. In the 1930s, the Pittsburgh Courier urged fateful voters to vote Democrat, creating a political alliance that still exist to this day. Other publications includes, The Philadelphia Tribune (1912- two hundred1), Atlanta Daily World (19312003), Cleveland Call brook (1934-1991), Los Angeles Sentinel (19342005), New York Amsterdam News (19221993), and Norfolk Journal and Guide (1921-2003).With African-American ne wspaper publication on the rise, organizations to help promote the publication began to form to support African-American journalist. In 1940, Robert Sengstacke Abbott, founder of Chicago Defender, along with other African-American publishers, organized the home(a) Negro Publishers Association. The members of the National Negro Publishers Association worked together, harmonizing our energies in a common purpose for the benefit of Negro journalism, (Sengstacke). Today, the National Negro Publishers Associations is composed of more than 200 black newspapers in the United States and the Virgin Islands.In 1975 in Washington D. C. , 44 African-American journalists founded the National Association of Black Journalists. The National Association of Black Journalist purpose was to provide quality programs and work to and advocate on behalf of black journalists. These organizations are still going strong today and have contributed greatly to the African American population. Today, there isnt a firm count of how many African American newspapers circulating the United States, however, according to Allied Media Corporation, an ethnic marketing firm, they have listed 250 newspapers in circulation.The National report Publishers Association, better known as the Black Press of America, assist in the publication of African-American owned newspapers, counts more than 200 black-owned newspapers as its membership. As you can see, since the Freedoms Journal, the number of newspaper publications has increased. It began with the main purpose being that Africa-Americans would stick together to fight the constant oppression they were under. Now that we dont see African-American oppression, as we did then, publications has different focal points.Many of the newspapers provide news and insight on African-American culture, including a variety of perspectives from leaders, celebrities, trendsetters and great minds from the African-American community. The Freedoms Journal created a new st epping stone for the African-American population. It provided the platform for issues and concerns pursuant to ensuring our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to preserve a legacy of black conservatism for generations to come. References 2, M. A. (n. d. ). Early African American and Anti-Slavery Newspapers Marjory Allen Perez.Genealogy Family History Search Family Trees Vital Records . Retrieved August 1, 2013, from http//www. archives. com/experts/perez-marjory/early-african-american-and-anti-slavery-newspapers. html Black Newspapers Listing The Network Journal. (n. d. ). Black Business Black News, Career Ideas for Black Professionals. Retrieved August 1, 2013, from http//www. tnj. com/lists-resources/black-newspapers-listing David Walker, 1785-1830. Walkers Appeal, in quartette Articles Together with a Preamble, to the Coloured Citizens of the World, but in Particular, and Very Expressly.

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I had a dream about you Essay Example for Free

I had a day-dream about you EssayThe beginning of the poem is about a dream reflecting the beginning of a relationship, or much specifically, your relationship. In your dream it seems you had a lot of fun, throwing oranges at your boyfriend, and all the kisses. In the next dream, youre progressing in the relationship, and things get a bit more stark and realistic. In the last dream he seems to be getting annoyed with you, even though youre the same.You stay a static character and he isnt, in the dreams. Seeing that dreams are a reflection of real life, he begins to become annoyed with you as he grows sicker, and things become serious. In the next dream you could see he was growing sicker, and that he was going to die. With hints analogous, the sky was red, the sand was red, and the bird-crows- were watching him. You also explained how you could gather up his heart beat, and you could hear him breathing.When a person is sick and is very close to death, hearing signs that th ey are notwithstanding alive it the most comforting thing you could hear. You also talk about his ribs being delineated like a junkyard dogs, and the hospital, which implies illness, I think aids or Cancer. When you stop talking about the dreams, we are where you were in the relationship at that time, seriousness, and that you needed to stay by his side. When he was on the bridge it just showed that he need you to take care of him, you both needed to be saved.Seeing as both of you couldnt save yourselves it was a chore to save each other. He asked about if you would love him even more when he was dead, there was a certainty, no hypothetical, which made it scarier. That is why you felt the need to fatten him up, because he knew he was going to die, you wanted to stop the inevitable. When you said you wanted to fat him up, it made me think of chemotherapy which to somewhat degree drains your health, and aids, which does the same.